MC Media Player

MC Altair v0.6

New Variables

Variable Name   Possible Values   Default   Description
streamingServerURL   [URL]       If you are using RTMP streaming video, this is the URL of the Flash streaming server (e.g. rtmp://
fpAction   none, play   none   What to do when the player loads ("none" = Do nothing and wait for the user to click play, "play" = Play the video file automatically)
defaultEndAction*   previewImage, pauseAtStart, pauseAtEnd, stop, repeat
Additional option: fpButton=[on,off]
  previewImage/pauseAtStart, fpButton=on
  What happens when the clip reaches the end. By default the preview image is shown. If no preview image is defined, defaults to using the first frame of the video (pauseAtStart).
Other options: pauseAtEnd (pause on the last frame), stop (clear the video stream completely), repeat (turns on the autoRepeat function). You can also turn the First Play button on or off.
More details
defaultStopAction*   previewImage, none
Additional option: fpButton=[on,off]
  previewImage   What happens when the stop button is clicked. Similar to defaultEndAction, but with fewer options because the stop button must always remove the video stream completely (at least for progressive downloading, so the user can cancel downloading). This is not usually required to be defined—the default should be fine.
defaultBufferLength   0.1 - [any value]   1   Length of video to buffer before playback begins. Accepts any positive value. One decimal place is allowed.

* = Not yet supported with rtmp streams

Also added:

Mute button, H.264 version checker, percentage buffer indicator.