MC Media Player

MC Altair v0.7

This version isn't really a feature upgrade, it's more of a backend update. However there is one significant change—I have redesigned the coordinate system for placing elements within the player. This affects the way the player looks when it is resized or displayed in fullscreen mode. All coordinates now use the same reference point—the top left corner of the player (previously, control panel elements used the top left corner of the CP).

There are two implications:

  1. If you have resized the player, and particularly if you have repositioned elements within the player, you may need to change some of the variable values. This should only affect a very small number of users—most of you should simply find that the player looks better when resized.
  2. Fullscreen mode now always displays a small control panel at the bottom of the screen, independent of any other CP settings. In future this will be configurable as well, so you can have separate settings for normal and fullscreen mode.

New Variables

Variable Name   Possible Values   Default   Description
playerAutoResize   on, off   on   This replaces the deprecated playerResizeElements variable. When enabled, the player will automatically resize and/or reposition elements when resizing occurs. This only applies to element attributes that have not been defined; so for example, you could specify a fixed position for the play button but all other elements will be auto-resized.
tooltipTextColor   [Hex color]   000000   Tooltip text color
tooltipBackgroundColor   [Hex color]   CCCCCC   Tooltip background color

Other changes

Player: Improved tooltip readability. Added right-click menu item to toggle fullscreen mode.
Setup tool: The preview window now resizes large previews to fit the available space. Updated templates.