MC Media Player

MC Altair v0.8

This version introduces a global color scheme variable as well as individual color settings for various elements.

New Variables

Variable Name   Possible Values   Default   Description
colorScheme   [hex value]   2175fb   Global color scheme — the values below will be automatically adjusted to suit. Specifying colors for individual elements (e.g. those below) will override the colorScheme value.
fpButtonColor   [hex value]   2175fb   Color of the "First Play" button.
cpPlayBtnColor   [hex value]   2175fb   Play button color.
cpStopBtnColor   [hex value]   2175fb   Stop button color.
cpVolumeCtrlColor   [hex value]   2175fb   Volume control color.
cpScrubberColor   [hex value]   474664   Color of the scrubber background.
cpScrubberLoadedColor   [hex value]   46556C   Color of the "loaded" bar in the scrubber.
cpScrubberElapsedColor   [hex value]   0E44A9   Color of the "elapsed" bar in the scrubber.