MC Media Player

MC Media Player History

MC Media Player began life in 2004 as a project for a community website. I needed a system to play video files from a playlist but couldn't find anything that was good enough, so I made my own. From the start I realized that this player would be useful on other websites so I made it configurable enough to be portable. From there it made sense to open the player up to the public via our website. In 2006 the player was renamed MC Media Player. The name was a only working title (MC = Media College) but it stuck.

Much to my amazement, the player became hugely popular and was installed on thousands of websites within a few months. Over the next couple of years I struggled to keep up with demand for new features, but the player still managed to develop into a very powerful and versatile tool.

In December 2007 the whole project was moved to a new domain at and a new beta version of the player was introduced: MC Altair. This version is being completely re-written from the ground up using the latest Actionscript 3 language. Although still quite basic, it will form the heart of a new multi-purpose player. MC Altair is currently being downloaded about 100 times per day.

Version history: