MC Media Player

MC Media Player: Terms & Conditions of Use

By downloading or using the MC Media Player files you agree to the following conditions:

  • A hyperlink to is required. You can place this anywhere on your website where it can be found by people and search engines.
  • You agree to use the player(s) only for purposes which are legal in your country.
  • No warranty or guarantee of any kind is provided. It's free, after all.
  • These players only support videos in the Flash FLV format (On2VP6 codec is recommended) or H.264 in an Mpeg4 container. Flash Player 8 is required to view FLV videos, Flash Player 9 is required to view H.264 files.
  • The FLA files are not currently available but the source code for MC Altair will be available at a later date.

Customisation, Private Work, etc

I do not provide a private customisation service. These players are only customisable with the supplied variables. Please do not ask me to make an exception for your project — sorry but I'm too busy and I can't do it. Not even a small job. Honestly, begging will not work!


I don't ask for any of your details, but if you choose to provide any details I will treat them as completely confidential.