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MC Media Player: Third-Party Add-ons etc

These utilities have been kindly provided by users of the MC Media Player. Right-click the download links and select "Save As...".

MCPlaylist Editor

This is a windows application for creating and editing XML playlist files. Includes help files. Simply download the exe file and run it (no installation required).

Created by: Orax

Download (.exe, 430KB)

Auto-Generate Playlist from Folders

This PHP script will allow you to specify a directory of your media files and will dynamically generate an XML file of all the files in the specified directory/sub directories. The script will only output mp3 and flv files, all others will be ignored. More instructions are included in the file.

Created by: Paul Needleman

Right-click and save the text file, then rename it from load_xml.txt to load_xml.php.

Download (.txt, 4KB)