MC Media Player

Download the MC Media Player Files

IMPORTANT: This player has now been moved to EOL (end of life). That means it is no longer being developed and we don't really recommend using it. The information and resources below will be retained for reference purposes.

Before you download, remember that you must provide a hyperlink to if you use this player on a website. You can place the link anywhere on your site where it can be found by people and search engines. Please do not ignore this — it's the only requirement and it costs you nothing!

There are three files to download (the JavaScript file is optional). Right-click each file and select "Save As...".

File Size Description
mcmp720x360_player.swf 120KB This is the main player file which appears on your web page.
mcmp720x360_playlist.xml 1KB This is the playlist file. When the player launches, it looks in this file to find the information needed to create the playlist menu. You will need to customize this file to play your own clips.
mcmp720x360.js 3KB This is a JavaScript file which creates the code to embed the player. If you don't want to use JavaScript you don't need this file, but we strongly recommend that you do use it.


To upgrade your player from an earlier version, simply download the new player file and overwrite your old one. If you are using the JavaScript implementation, you should probably update the JavaScript file as well. You don't need to update the playlist file unless you're upgrading from 0.942 or earlier.

The next step is to embed the player in your web page. Select which method you will be using: