MC Media Player

MC Classic Media Player : Development Status

IMPORTANT: This player has now been moved to EOL (end of life). That means it is no longer being developed and we don't really recommend using it. The information and resources below will be retained for reference purposes.

Current Version: 1.10

Status Report: 6th January 2008

Current Bugs & Issues


Version Major Changes
1.10 Added support for H.264 (mov & mp4).
Fixed bug with dfiles in subdirectories.
New variable: downloadDir
1.09 New variable: plfolders (automatically close old folders)
Fixed the dfile bug which caused the wrong file to play after stopping and starting the dfile.
Added psuedo-support for M3U files (they will open in an external player).
1.08 Search function added.
1.072 checkVersion is now disabled by default, due to a problem checking version 9 players.
1.07 If no label (title) is defined for MP3 files, the player will attempt to use the ID3 TIT2 tag.
If no dur (duration) is defined for MP3 files, the player will initially estimate the duration then update it when the file has finished loading.
Added option to aseq variable: "-1" (disable)
Playlists can be called with a query string on the web page URL, e.g. mypage.html?playlist=myplaylist.xml.
The mute button now returns to the pre-mute value when un-muted.
New variables: startvol (initial volume level), desctxtcolor (description text color), descbgcolor (description box background color), showfileURLs (direct links to files), preclip & defpreclip (file to play before selected clip), fullscreenmode (allow full-screen), promptVersion (prompt for upgrade to specified version).
1.06 The progress/seek bar now works with both FLV and MP3 files.
Added new variables: options (show/hide options menu), plresize (user-resizable playlist).
1.05 The dfile variable can now be a number or a file URL. defvid is deprecated.
New variables: dfileaction, infoheadcl, infotxtcl, infobg, directlinkURL.
Introduced external JavaScript file (optional).
1.04 Added support for new file types: MP3, JPG, GIF, PNG, SWF.
New variables: dfile, zoom, aseq, aseqd, imgdur, swfdur.
1.03 New variables: dur and res (workaround for problems with older video codecs).
Added support for unlimited folder layers in the playlist.
New variable: dlinks (allow file downloads).
1.0 First official stable release. No major changes since previous version.
0.947 Fixed the volume level bug which sometimes caused a short burst of increased audio level between clips.
0.946 The stop button now completely removes the current clip and cancels any buffering.
Improved handling of double-buffering.
Added system messages.
Added "Reset Player" button.
0.945 Changed the playlist format — now uses node names playlist, folder & file.
Fixed bug caused when the user tries to buffer two clips at once.
0.944 Fixed possible overlapping text on the Info Screen (text-only mode).
Improved handling of double-clicking in the playlist.
0.942 Restored "Play in Sequence" option with improved functionality.
Volume control and mute button now retain their settings between clips.
0.938 Temporarily removed "Play in Sequence" option.
0.9 First public beta release.

Requested Features Under Consideration

Please note: There is absolutely no guarantee that any of these features will ever be added. They are under consideration — that's all!