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MC Classic Media Player (720x360)

IMPORTANT: This player has now been moved to EOL (end of life). That means it is no longer being developed and we don't really recommend using it. The information and resources below will be retained for reference purposes.

This player allows you to display any number of videos, audio tracks and still images in one easy interface. The player is designed to be used on a website but can function on a local drive as well.



For more details see Overview of the Player and Player Demo.

To add this player to your website

You will need to download two or three files, do some simple editing and upload the files to your site.

Click here for installation instructions

Detailed instructions & info:

Basic Setup: Advanced:  
- Download the Files
- The JavaScript File
- HTML Code
- The Playlist
- Variables
- The Info Screen
- Using SWF Files in the Player
- Multiple Pages / Playlists
- Resize the player
- Create a welcome screen
- Using the search feature
- Direct link to files
- Using more than one server
More Info:    
- Terms & Conditions
- Development Status
- Troubleshooter

If you have any problems or questions please post a message in the MC Media Player Support Forum.