MC Media Player

MC Media Player Info Screen

The Info Screen allows you to display additional content such as related information, advertisements, web links, etc.

There are three ways to use the Info Screen:

To enable the info screen you need to define the infotype variable as either txt (text) or swf (Flash). See Player Variables for more information.

Using Text Only Mode

This mode is very easy to use — you just need to edit the infohead and infotxt variables:

infohead="This is the heading";
infotxt="This is the paragraph text";

You can use simple HTML formatting in the infotxt variable.

You can change the colour of the heading, paragraph text and background with the following variables:

infoheadcl = "ffffff";
infotxtcl = "ffffff";
infobg = "000000";

Note: Currently, this mode uses static text and cannot be altered for individual files. Future versions of the player may include the option to display different text with different files.

Using SWF Mode

You can create your own Flash (SWF) files and define a default file like so:


Note: If you name your info file mcmp720x360_definfo.swf you don't need to define the definfo variable — the player will find it automatically.

Info files should be 210x160 pixels.
Info files will play back at 12 frames per second, so you should create files at this frame rate (it's the default in Flash).

Removing the Info Screen

Removing the info screen causes the playlist to expand and take up the available space. The code is:



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