MC Media Player

Embedding the Player Using the JavaScript File

Add the following line of code to the body of your web page where you want the player to appear:

<script language="JavaScript" src="mcmp720x360.js"></script>

This assumes that the JavaScript file (mcmp720x360.js) is in the same folder as the web page. If you move or rename the JavaScript file, edit the code accordingly.

If your player file is also in the same folder and you don't want to do any customisation yet, you don't need to edit the JavaScript file so you can skip straight to the playlist instructions.

Configuring the JavaScript File (Setting Player Variables)

The first part of the JavaScript file includes a list of variables which you can define. These determine how the player will appear and behave. Enter the values for whichever variables you want to use, for example:

// Player Configuration Variables - Enter values to customize your player:
mcplayerfile = "../mcmp720x360_player.swf";
playlist = "musicvideos.xml";
mediadir = "../musicvideos/";
dfile = "1";
dfileaction = "3";
infotype = "swf";
infohead = "";
infotxt = "";
infoheadcl = "";
infotxtcl = "";
infobg = "";
definfo = "musicinfo.swf";
bgcolor = "000000";
buf = "6";
zoom = "";
dlinks = "1";
directlinkURL = "";
aseq = "";
aseqd = "";
imgdur = "";
swfdur = "";
playerwidth = "720";
playerheight = "360";

For a full description see Player Variables.

Note: The rest of the JavaScript file (not shown here) does not need to be edited.

Note: Advantages of Using the JavaScript File Instead of Plain HTML

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