MC Media Player

Installing the MC Media Player

IMPORTANT: This player has now been moved to EOL (end of life). That means it is no longer being developed and we don't really recommend using it. The information and resources below will be retained for reference purposes.

Before proceeding please read the terms & conditions (they are short).

There are three steps to install the player:

  1. Download the files — one Flash file, one XML file and one JavaScript file (optional).
  2. Edit the files as required.
  3. Upload the files to your server.

I recommend that you begin with a simple installation, placing all the files and media clips in the same folder as the web page. Once you have it up and running you can move files to different folders or add additional players and playlists around your website.

Before you continue, decide how you will embed the player in your web page. There are two options:

(1) Use the JavaScript file This method uses an external JavaScript file which creates the player code. This is the recommended method because it is easier to implement and provides more functionality. It also eliminates the "Click here to activate" message in Internet Explorer.
(2) Use HTML code only If you don't want to use JavaScript you can copy the basic HTML code straight into the web page.

About Variables

Variables are values which enable you to specify things such as the player's appearance, which options to allow, etc. There are two types of variable which are referred to in these instructions:

  1. Player variables control how the player appears and behaves. These variables are edited in the JavaScript file or HTML code.
  2. Playlist variables determine which files appear in the playlist, and can include optional information about each file. These variables are edited in the playlist XML file.

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