MC Media Player

Using MC Media Player on Multiple Pages

MC Media Player can be used on multiple web pages within the same website. For example, you might want to have different pages for different topics. You only need to use one player file — the same file is used by all web pages. However each page will have a separate JavaScript file (if used) and playlist file (unless you want them to have the same playlist).

The following screenshot shows a simple file structure with one web page. This uses a single player file and playlist:

Simple file structure

Let's say you want to add three more pages for music, photos and videos. Create a web page and playlist for each:

More files

If you are using JavaScript, you will also need to create a JavaScript file for each page.

For each of the new pages, change the JavaScript file or HTML code to refer to the appropriate playlist, for example:


Different Folders

You can also use the player on pages in different folders, for example:

Files in Different Folders

In this case you refer to each playlist the same way because they are still in the same directory as the respective web page. However the player file is now in a different directory so you need to define the player file like so:

mcplayerfile = "../mcmp720x360_player.swf";
playlist = "music-playlist.xml";

You can actually place the player, playlist and media files (videos etc) in any directory structure you like. You just need to be aware that the more complicated your directory structure, the higher the chances of making mistakes and creating confusion. In general we recommend starting with simple file structures and expanding when you are confident.