MC Media Player

MC Media Player Overview

Media Player ComponentsThe four main parts of the MC Media Player window are described below.

Video Screen

The video screen is designed to accommodate a variety of video sizes and aspect ratios. Videos are automatically placed in the centre of screen (with letterbox or pillars as appropriate).

Larger videos are automatically reduced in size to fit the screen. Smaller videos can be left at their original size or automatically zoomed to fill the screen.


The control panel provides standard video controls as well as display options and clip information.


The playlist menu works like a standard "folder tree" with directories and files. Click folders to open and close them, click files to play them.

The playlist is created with an external XML file. You can include as many folders, sub-folders and video files as you like.

Info Screen

The info screen is an area where you can display additional information. There are three info screen modes:

  1. Do not display the info screen at all, making more room for the playlist (this is the default).
  2. Show a simple static text heading and short paragraph.
  3. Add your own SWF files containing information, advertisements, etc. Info files can be set to display randomly or synchronised with specific video files and/or cue points.

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