MC Media Player

MC Media Player : Search

From version 1.08, the player features a built-in search function. You can allow users to search for files by title, description and/or keyword. Note that the search engine is quite basic to avoid making the player file size too large — see below for some of the search's limitations.

Enabling and Customising the Search

The search feature is enabled by default. There are three player variables you can use to customise the search:

allowsearch = "";
searchorder = "";
searchdesc = "";

allowsearch turns the search feature on and off. Set it to "0" to turn search off. Leave it blank or set to "1" to enable search.

searchorder lets you define which playlist variables to search, and in what order. There are three one-letter values each representing the following:
t = titles
d = descriptions
k = keywords

Use any combination of letters in the desired order, for example:

searchorder = "tdk"; Searches titles, then descriptions, then keywords. This is the default.
searchorder = "ktd"; Searches keywords first, then titles and descriptions.
searchorder = "kt"; Searches keywords first, then titles.
searchorder = "t"; Searches titles only.

searchdesc lets you decide whether or not to show the description box when users hold their mouse over search results. The description box is the same as the one used in the playlist. Set it to "0" to turn off the box. Leave it blank or set to "1" to enable.

Using Keywords

Keywords are optional words you can add to files in the playlist. This is useful if your titles and descriptions don't always include words people might search for, or if you want to prioritise keywords over titles and descriptions.

Add keywords, separated by commas, to any file(s) in the playlist with the "kw" variable like so:

<file label="Video 1" url="video1.flv" desc="A video of my cat" kw="pet,cat,fluffy" />


These limitations may be addressed in future versions but currently: