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MC Media Player

IMPORTANT NOTES About the MC Media Player Setup Tool

  • This is a beta version of both the player and the setup tool. More features and settings will be introduced in later versions.
  • By default the player file runs from our server but you can download the file and run it from your server if you like.
  • The setup tool relies on the JavaScript file. You can use the player without JavaScript but it's not nearly as easy and it's not documented yet.
  • The endAction variables are not yet available for streaming (RTMP) files.

Using the Setup Tool

There are three steps to creating your player:

  1. Enter your video file URL and optional preview image URL (Files > Media Files).
  2. If necessary, adjust the size of the player to match your video (Player > Player Size).
  3. Copy and paste the code into your web page HTML (Code > Export to Website).

You can change additional settings by clicking the other tab buttons. Any changes you make are updated and reflected in the preview window when you hit your Enter key, or when you click the Update Preview button.

Using Templates

The setup tool generates a block of code like the one shown below. This code also acts as a template for your player which you can import back into the setup tool (select Code > Import). For example, copy and paste the code below into the Import tab to see a player template.

<!-- MC Media Player -->
<script type="text/javascript">
playerFile = "http://www.mcmediaplayer.com/public/mcmp_0.7.swf";
fpFileURL = "http://www.space-images.com/files/video/space-flight/virgin-galactic/spaceship2.flv";
fpPreviewImageURL = "http://www.space-images.com/files/video/space-flight/virgin-galactic/spaceship2.jpg";
cpCounterPosition = "227x150";
cpFullscreenBtnPosition = "286x108";
cpHidePanel = "never";
cpInfoBtnPosition = "286x121";
cpPlayBtnPosition = "7x65";
cpRepeatBtnPosition = "286x95";
cpScrubberPosition = "38x155";
cpStopBtnPosition = "7x85";
cpVolumeBtnPosition = "277x65";
fpButtonOpacity = "0";
playerSize = "306x170";
playerBackgroundColor = "0";
videoScreenPosition = "30x10";
videoScreenSize = "243x137";
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mcmediaplayer.com/public/mcmp_0.7.js"></script>
<!-- / MC Media Player -->

There are several uses for this feature, e.g.:

  • Save templates as text files so you can return here and easily make new players with your own settings.
  • Import code directly from your web page to make changes.
  • Upgrade your player to a newer version effortlessly — just import the old code and then select Code > Export to Website to get the new version with all your settings intact*.

Tip: To make importing from your website easier, download the cross-domain policy file (Files > Download) and upload it to your website. This file grants direct access to the setup tool, which means you only have to enter your URL into the Import tab to import your player settings.

* Note: If you are upgrading from v0.6 you may see errors in the player layout. This is because the coordinate system changed in v0.7. Sorry but you'll need to re-adjust the coordinates or reset the player and start again.