MC Media Player

MC Altair Variables

This is a list of variables that are currently available for the MC Altair player (v0.8).

Variable Name   Possible Values   Default   Description
  [URL]   mcmp.swf   URL of the player SWF file.
  [URL]   mcmp.js   URL of the player JavaScript file.
playerSize   [number] x [number]   480x270   Width/height of the player in pixels. This variable only applies if you are using the JavaScript file.
playerBackgroundColor   [hex value]   525252 (grey)   Color of the player background. If you have a preview image defined, this color will not always be visible.
colorScheme   [hex value]   2175fb   Global color scheme. Specifying colors for individual elements will override the colorScheme value.
Default Video Actions
defaultBufferLength   0.1 - [any value]   1   Length of video to buffer before playback begins. Accepts any positive value. One decimal place is allowed.
defaultEndAction*   previewImage, pauseAtStart, pauseAtEnd, stop, repeat
Additional option: fpButton=[on,off]
  What happens when the clip reaches the end. By default the preview image is shown, but if no preview image is defined, defaults to using the first frame of the video (pauseAtStart).
Other options: pauseAtEnd (pause on the last frame), stop (clear the video stream completely), repeat (turns on the autoRepeat function).
You can also turn the First Play button on or off.
More details & options
defaultStopAction*   previewImage, none
Additional option: fpButton=[on,off]
  previewImage   What happens when the stop button is clicked. Similar to defaultEndAction, but with fewer options (because the stop button must always remove the video stream completely).
Control Panel (CP)
  0x0 - 480x480   480x24   Size of the control panel.
  0x0 - 460x260   0x246   Position of the control panel.
  [hex value]   000000 (black)   Background color of the control panel.
  0 - 100   60   Opacity (transparency) of the cp background color.
  0 - 100   100   Opacity (transparency) of all the cp buttons (you won't normally want to change this).
  0x0 - 460x270   330x4   Time counter position.
  0x0 - 460x270   454x12   Fullscreen button position.
  button, mouseout, never   button   When to hide the control panel.
  [number]   0   If cpHidePanel is set to "mouseout", this is the delay in seconds before the cp fades out.
  0x0 - 460x270   470x12   Position of the info button.
  0x0 - 460x270   60x12   Position of the play button.
cpPlayBtnColor   [hex value]       Play button color.
  0x0 - 460x270   438x12   Position of the auto-repeat button.
  0x0 - 460x270   194x8   Position of the scrubber (progress bar etc).
cpScrubberColor   [hex value]       Color of the scrubber background.
cpScrubberLoadedColor   [hex value]       Color of the "loaded" bar in the scrubber.
cpScrubberElapsedColor   [hex value]       Color of the "elapsed" bar in the scrubber.
  0x0 - 460x270   85x12   Position of the stop button.
cpStopBtnColor   [hex value]       Stop button color.
  0x0 - 460x270   118x2   Position of the volume control.
cpVolumeCtrlColor   [hex value]       Volume control color.
  0 - 100   100   Initial volume level used at startup.
tooltipTextColor   [Hex color]   000000   Tooltip text color
tooltipBackgroundColor   [Hex color]   CCCCCC   Tooltip background color
Preview / First Play
streamingServerURL   [URL]       If you are using RTMP streaming video, this is the URL of the Flash streaming server (e.g. rtmp://
fpFileURL   [URL]       URL of the video file to play.
fpPreviewImageURL   [URL]       URL of the optional preview image.
fpPreviewImageSize   original, fit   fit   Size of the preview image (relative to the player).
  0 - 100   60   Opacity (transparency) of the big play button.
  0x0 - 460x270   240x118   Position of the big play button.
fpButtonSize   0x0 - [any value]   126x126   Size of the big play button.
fpButtonColor   [hex value]       Color of the big play button.
fpAction   none, play   none   What to do when the player loads (nothing, or play the video file automatically)
Message Box
msgBackgroundColor   [hex value]   000000 (black)   Message box background color.
msgBackgroundOpacity   0 - 100   90   Opacity (transparency) of the message box background.
Video Screen
videoScreenPosition   0x0 - 460x270   0x0   Video screen X/Y position.
videoScreenSize   0x0 - 480x270   480x270   Video screen width/height. The default size is the same as the player.

* = Not yet supported with streaming rtmp files.

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