MC Media Player


If your problem is not covered or explained well enough here, please post a message in the MC Media Player Support Forum.

Problem: Buffering takes forever and the clip never loads.

Solution: Most likely the file cannot be found due to an error in the configuration or playlist. If you can't figure it out, ask in the forum and we'll take a look.

Problem: Video clips are not centered in the video screen.

Solution: This problem occurs when the player cannot extract valid metadata from the video clip. There are two solutions:
(1) Re-encode the video using a different encoder. The Flix Pro encoder adds valid metadata.
(2) Add variables to the playlist which provide the duration and dimensions of the video clip. For each video clip add a dur and res value. Full instructions can be found here.

<file label="Clip 1" url="clip1.flv" desc="This is the first clip" info="info1.swf" dur="120" res="320x240" />

Problem: The player cannot find a particular file to play or download.

Solution: Make sure the file is on the same sub-domain as the web page and player. Be consistent with using www (or not) in your URLs.

Problem: The seekbar (video progress bar) fails and the seek handle disappears.

Solution: This is a metadata problem. Instructions to fix this can be found here.

Problem: A grey border appears round the player with a message saying "Click here to activate this control".

Solution: This problem caused by a patch in Internet Explorer, related to a legal dispute. It affects all Flash files as well as other types of file. The solution is to use an external JavaScript file.

Problem: SWF files play back at the wrong speed.

Solution: A limitation of the Flash format is that when an swf file is player inside another, the child file takes on the frame rate of the parent file. This means that all swf files played in the media player will be played at 12fps. You need to create your swf files at this frame rate.

Problem: I update my playlist but the player keeps using the old one.

Solution: This is a caching issue — Flash doesn't look for a new XML file unless you clear your cache. A workaround can be found here.

Problem: MP3 files do not play correctly, or play very slowly.

Solution: MP3 files must be compressed at a multiple of 11025Hz to play correctly.